Spring King-Album Anticipation

The sun is back out and ‘T-Shirt Weather’ is once again the national anthem of the UK. Or is it? There’s a new summer anthem on the block to rival the Circa Waves songs which were undoubtedly the chorus to last years festival season. Spring King have recently released ‘The Summer’ as lead single to their hotly anticipated debut album-‘Tell Me If You Like To’, which is expected on June 10th, and it might just be able to take Circa Waves on. I’d like to take this opportunity to look back on Spring King so far and look at what the future has in store for them.

‘Mumma/Mumma Pt.II’ was what I, and most people, first heard of Spring King. Although it had a properly weird music video (seriously, go watch it, you’ll see what I mean), I was not put off, and instead connected with the infectiously catchy and upbeat rhythms and melodies. Initially a solo project of Tarek Musa, who is the band’s singer and drummer (and not in a boring Phil Collins kind of way). Spring King blossomed into a full band and released ‘Mumma/Mumma Pt.II’ as their first single.

Later that year, they released debut EP ‘Demons’, but for me, it wasn’t until second EP ‘They’re Coming After You’ that they began to show their full potential. Lead track ‘City’ is the summary of Spring King’s musical offering-thundering choruses, fast-paced verses and buoyant chord sequences, and, along with ‘Who Are You?’ was the pinnacle of their live show when I saw them supporting Slaves on their UK tour. As the first support act, it is often the case that they could have experienced a small crowd, but everyone was down at the 02 academy in Leeds early, and the band seemed genuinely excited and shocked. Unfortunately, at that point, many people didn’t quite throw themselves into Spring King’s live show, but I’m sure this has already changed, especially at their own shows.

The singles in between the EP and ‘The Summer’ have just been getting better and better; any song with a surprise saxophone solo in it can’t be bad can it? I’m looking at you ‘Who Are You?’. ‘Rectifier’ is no different, and is a brilliant investment on red vinyl, so get down to your local record shop and buy it.

‘The Summer’, the band say, is a bit of a tribute to The Beach Boys, of whom they are huge fans. It sees them take a slightly different direction from jump-around hit to a song to be sung with friends in a field on a sunny day. It was released at a perfect time as the sun began to rise on the UK once more, taking over from the four seasons of the week before. Although I’m not sure if the summer is quite here yet, Spring King are, and they’re here to stay.

‘Tell Me If You Like To’ will surely be one of the greatest debuts of 2016, heralding Spring King as one of the new breed of must-see acts across the UK. The album contains tonnes of new music, but also the highlights of their EPs and single releases, all bound together in one package of the best of Spring King so far. Here is the track listing below;

1. City
2. Detroit
3. Who Are You?
4. It’s So Dark
5. Take Me Away
6. Demons
7. Rectifier
8. Tell Me If You Like To
9. The Summer
10. Heaven

Listen to ‘The Summer’ here.

Get pre-ordering ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ on digital here.

Pre-order ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ on physical copy and in some exciting bundles from the band themselves here.


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