The Amazons-Nightdriving

With The Amazons’ latest single, ‘Nightdriving’ becoming available to stream earlier today, just under a month after we heard it from the band’s Maida Vale session for Huw Stephens, I thought it was time to check in with a band well on their way to cementing their place among the music community, not just in their native Reading, but in the rest of England and perhaps even the world. They have come a long way since Matt, Elliot and Chris were in one of the many bands floating around the vibrant Reading music scene-it took eight drummers before The Amazons was finally formed with the addition of the final jigsaw piece-Joe.  They may not quite be as feisty as the mythological all-female tribe but this band are definitely making waves across the globe.

Sparkling into life with sharp, clean guitar melodies, ‘Nightdriving’ builds perfectly onto the solid foundations laid by The Amazons’ previous releases, providing arguably a  similar sound, but certainly a similar feeling. More of an easy listening experience than other tracks such as ‘Ultraviolet’, ‘Nightdriving’ relies more on the sustained vocals of Matt Thompson to provide the all important musical climaxes rather than powerful guitar riffs. That is not to say that the guitar does not play a hugely important part in creating such an anthemic tune; it is simply the canvas on which the singing is painted. As well as this, I am a huge fan of how Joe utilises his whole drum kit; it is often the case nowadays that only the standard grooves are used, but Joe is not afraid to move around the kit in order to keep the music’s drive. As the name would suggest, ‘Nightdriving’ would not be out of place belting out of a car stereo to get you through a particularly tedious car journey, although the night part is optional-a summer’s day would be equally as fitting.

‘Nightdriving’ enforces the point even further that the band possess vast amounts of song-writing and performing talent, and what’s more, they don’t seem to want to slow down. In the future, it will be extremely satisfying to look back and see their name rise up the biggest festival posters and, with their momentum ever increasing, I am certain that The Amazons are ready for an album to consolidate on this meteoric rise. Whatever the band do next, it will be avidly followed by their loyal, and ever-increasing, fan-base and I’m sure we all can’t wait.


Author: samatkinson00

Teenager interested in music n that.

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