Spring King-Tell Me If You Like To

About a month ago, when we discovered that we were to be treated with an album from one of the most promising acts around, I was immensely excited. Poster boys for how a nice group of lads, combined with a DIY work ethic and a natural skill for creating good music; Spring King are a band whom everyone want to succeed. Championed by the likes of Zane Lowe (his airplay of ‘City’ on Beats 1 radio is widely accredited with attracting well-deserved label interest) Tarek, Andy, Pete and James have managed to achieve that holy grail of gaining both critics’ and people’s support. ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ has the potential of being one of the greatest albums of 2016,let alone debut albums, and could launch Spring King up into the spotlight of the music scene.

Now, usually when someone reviews an album it is customary for them to select a few highlights in order to create a summary of the album as a whole. Never before has this been so difficult for me, as the quality is immediate and maintained throughout. Beginning with ‘City’, the album starts as it means to go on. The fast paced single previously heard on EP ‘They’re Coming After You’, ‘City’ is Spring King at their raucous best, and is often a highlight of their famous live show.

A brilliant mix of simplistic, repeating chord patterns and flowing melodies, ‘Detroit’; the band’s most recently released single and personal highlight of mine, is a perfect example of how the band’s sound has matured. Moving on past the fleeting saxophone of ‘Who Are You?’-an old favourite, and ‘It’s So Dark’, a subdued and echoing new track, we arrive at ‘Take Me Away’; another exclusive for the album which showcases how Spring King’s sound has developed from those early bathroom recordings.

More live hits follow,with previous releases ‘Demons’ and ‘Rectifier’ this time providing the driving rhythms and roaring melodies. Title track ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ is possibly the strongest of the band’s previously unheard songs, and is what most people associate with the band. Bass and chord heavy with ever-energetic drums, ‘Tell Me If You Like To’ leaves it to lead and backing vocals to provide the harmonies which transform it into a superb listen.

Penultimate track ‘The Summer’ is a welcome addition to the bands repertoire,and will surely help them conquer this festival season with its sing-along choruses and laid-back approach. The album closes with ‘Heaven’; a slow-paced rumbling track carried along by the rock steady timekeeping of strummed guitar chords and the ever present snare drum, over which Tarek Musa’s vocal melodies are left to drift.

One of the few bands whose YouTube comment section isn’t flooded with fifty-somethings saying modern music is nowhere near as good as it was in their day, Spring King are having a massive impact on UK music. Despite being alongside the highlights of the band’s music so far, the new tracks are not overshadowed on this album, and if it can help them maintain the meteoric rise they have experienced in recent years, they will be sure to climb up festival posters in years to come, spearheading a new wave of indie bands.


Author: samatkinson00

Teenager interested in music n that.

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