Jamie T-Tinfoil Boy

This time it was real. This time a new Jamie T song was actually going to be Annie Mac’s hottest record. I mean, you had to wait till half an hour later than advertised for it but still…be grateful. Told that this time there would be fewer samples; a key feature of Jamie T’s previous works, we knew it was going to be different. But how different. Would the spark that marked his music apart from the mediocrity be gone?

Samples may be absent, but a haunting monologue by Jamie’s actress friend Florence Bell more than makes up for it. Using this important asset, Jamie creates an atmospheric tension early on, building up slowly through the verse, in what could easily be the start of a new James Bond theme. All of this just serves to catch you unawares as the song launches into the chorus; a chorus of massive proportions. Powerful guitar combined with shouted vocals hark back to the power created when Chase and Status and Slaves released ‘CONTROL’ together.Immediately plunged back into the depths of a murky verse, the listener this time knows what is going to happen, but this diminishes the chorus’ impact not at all. The track continues in much the same way till its’ conclusion, contrasting the eerie, and ‘claustrophobic’ (as Jamie puts it) verses with the sheer strength of the choruses, leaving a lasting impression.

Branded by some as a sell-out for his change of sound; this new direction was not a success with all. No, it is not music to sing loud when out drunk with your mates, but that is not to say that it doesn’t deliver. How can you expect someone to go nine years without developing musically?  I for one loved the hard-hitting impact of ‘Tinfoil Boy’ and these feelings are mirrored by many. Anticipation is now sky high for an album which may or may not be closer than you think; will we hear music more in the vein of ‘Panic Prevention’ and ‘Kings and Queens’ or will ‘Tinfoil Boy’ herald a new direction altogether? I don’t know, but whenever they say it’s going to be released, lets hope it actually is this time, yeah?


Author: samatkinson00

Teenager interested in music n that.

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