Jahnathan Nerette-Magic

Young and self-taught, Jahnathan Nerette is the perfect image of musical independence. Everything is an influence, and if you are raised in such a cultural melting point as Miami, then good things are surely around the corner for those who want them. Despite this being his 4th musical project, ‘Magic’ is the first studio album he has released, largely alone and from home, and it will be interesting to see if Jahnathan can bring a sound as diverse as his influences to the table. premiere-jahnathan-nerette-magic

‘Magic’, the opening, and title, track on the version of the album I listened to (there are more than one available), is Nerette’s most complete track. Smooth vocals are situated above simple chord transitions and effective percussion, leading to the creation of a full, fleshed-out sound despite the fact there are but a few individual sounds present. Move on through the album, and an alternative sound seems to present itself. Electronic, and produced thoroughly (and well!), ‘A Dance With the Devil’ shows a different side to Jahnathan Nerette’s musical repertoire. Although it is less suited to my taste, it is impossible to fault an artist when they can execute such varying styles superbly in such close proximity to each other within an album. Switching it up again once more, calming midnight music is the overwhelming feeling of the latter end of the album, especially prominent in ‘A New Paige’; a real easy listening great; undulating in waves through your headphones.

Despite its very different parts, ‘Magic’ is undoubtedly a single LP. All the pieces fit together beautifully, adding up to create a single message; a message of diversity and enjoyment, which Jahnathan clearly wants to share with the world. Where he will go next though, I could not possibly say.

See the version I listened to on Spotify here:

Or listen to an alternative track-listing on Soundcloud here:


Author: samatkinson00

Teenager interested in music n that.

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