Flying Vinyl-July

Rolling on into the second instalment of Flying Vinyl’s second, and much improved, incarnation, we have another five artists delivered to us to quench our thirst for new music. Let’s get stuck in shall we?


Although its’ solo drum intro could for a second lead you to believe you were listening to ‘When the Levee Breaks’ instead, ‘Pipedreams’; the A-side from first artist Willie J Healey, could not be more different. Laid back and easy to listen to, the track’s meaning; of doing very little, matches the clear feeling of blissful laziness. ‘It’s Alright’ simply adds to this, floating along in an easy haze, the only constant being relaxed drum rhythms. All shimmering guitars and crooning vocals, there is a clear market for Willie J Healey’s style of music in this day and age.

Proving the ever-present contrast of Flying Vinyl packages, Estrons are slightly different…to say the least. Breathless and driven, ‘Drop’ will not stop for anyone; careering through three and a half minutes of crazed guitar led noise. While ‘Make a Man’ is slower starting and more melodic, its’ choruses leave you in no doubt as to the band’s underlying intentions and punk tendencies. Estrons seem to me to be a band perfectly at home in a frenzied live environment, but who can also translate their raw power into the recording studio; a talent many bands lack.

A somewhat electronic offering is always needed, and is this time provided in the form of Hudson Scott. At first we think his style will remain subdued and minimalist; reliant on quiet bass lines and dreamy vocals, but as ‘Clay’ breaks free into a more complete sound of funky guitars and disco drumbeats, this belief is banished. Produced methodically, ‘Gone’ is deeper and more spaced out, using sharp bursts of synth to break up the track in a less flowing style. One factor carried through however is Scott’s vocal ease, reassuring us of a musical consistency present. Funky and fun, but also occasionally dark, Hudson Scott creates dance music more interesting than conventional pop, and is definitely one of the best in his field at manipulating synths in a different way.

Trippy and fun, Baywaves bring a taste of Spain to the psychedelic rock scene, a genre which has in recent years begun to expand rapidly. ‘Time is Passing U By’ is for the most part fuzzy and quirky; key features when it comes to music of this type. However, at the track’s conclusion we catch a mere glimpse of another side to the band. Piercing through the fog is a pure rock guitar riff, unexpected and sudden-a perfect full stop for this song. Happy is the easiest way to describe Baywaves’ music; an adjective particularly fitting to B side ‘Marsupilami’-a track of undulating guitar riffs which push to the fore, ahead of subdued vocals. We have seen bands from Spain break the borders of their country and venture out into Europe more frequently lately, and I won’t complain so long as they continue to bring us music as refreshing as Baywaves’.

Championing new music as ever, Free Money are the last artist in this months’ issue. Incredibly new and incredibly energetic, Free Money are the latest guitar band to infiltrate the London scene. ‘What Did I Miss’ uses the band’s rhythm section effectively to push the music forward, giving the vocals space to roam, while ‘Headful’ utilises guitar as a more important component in terms of melody. No nonsense and self-assured, Free Money are a classic rock band, and adhere to a formula well known for success.

Five varied and brilliant artists have once again been added to my record collection, helping me to expand my musical taste in all directions. For this, massive thanks must go to Flying Vinyl, for once again failing to disappoint!


Author: samatkinson00

Teenager interested in music n that.

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